Who we are


Who we are

Our mission

All of Crossject's employees work every day as a team to develop innovative life-saving solutions and make them a reality for patients. Our approach to the administration of emergency medicines mobilizes not only our teams but also our industrial and financial partners to act on a patient life-saving mission across the world.

Our history



Our vision


Our needle-free device ZENEO® simplifies the patient-side management of disorders requiring auto-injectables

Our expertise gives us a head start but also inspires us to act responsibly for our patients and their family.

With our unique know-how, we aim to become a world leader in the self-administration of emergency needle free injectables.  

Our values


From the solid foundation of its unmatched technology, Crossject aims to become the world's leading pharmaceutical laboratory for emergency needle free auto-injectables.


Today, after 20 years of focused R&D, Crossject offers an auto-injection device protected by 400 patents until 2037.


To always move forward, Crossject has united a vanguard team of specialists from a range of industries and thus gathered the expertise it needs to empower each step of its evolution.

To save lives simply

The needle-free auto-injection system ZENEO® will save people in emergency situations.

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Key figures



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