Severe asthma crisis

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severe asthma crisis

Worldwide, there are approximately 235 million people suffering from asthma with 383,000 annual early deaths attributed to the disease(1).  Furthermore, 10 % of asthma patients suffer from acute form of asthma (2).
Mild asthma sufferers carry metered-dose inhaler to deal with asthma crisis, moderate to severe asthma patients use inhaler spacer or nebulizer in case of exacerbation.

Despite this, every day in America 5,000 people visit an emergency room due to asthma crisis, 1,000 are admitted to hospital and 11 die leading to an annual basis of more than 4,000 deaths due to Asthma per year (3). Europe is also highly affected by Asthma with around 15,000 people dying each year from asthma attacks (4).

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