Needle-free technology


ZENEO® is a needle-free, prefilled, single-use auto-injector

The ZENEO® system is the fruit of twenty years of R&D by a multidisciplinary team. The system calls upon the miniaturization and combination of cutting-edge technologies from various sectors: pharmaceutical manufacturing of course, but also space technologies, the automotive industry, glassworks and even defense.
ZENEO® is built on a foundation of more than 10.000 tests, 11 clinical studies, €180 million in investments and more than 500 patents.

The system consists in a specifically formed, siliconized, depyrogenated, pharmaceutical glass tube that can support up to 1,200 bars of pressure, in contact with a polycarbonate nozzle with submillimeter conduits.

And of a nitrocellulose propellant-based gas generator with an actuator that includes an innovative unlocking and opening system. The actuator activates the generator and the resulting gas propels the pharmaceutical product at a very high speed.
The first phase allows the product to cross the skin and the second diffuses the treatment at the desired depth, in less than a tenth of a second

 ZENEO®: parameterization and adaptation

The greatest strength of ZENEO® is that it can be parameterized at the factory to adapt to the viscosity and the quantity of the contained fluid, and the desired depth of injection (subcutaneous or intramuscular).

The ergonomics of ZENEO® has been recognized by several international design awards.

ZENEO device




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