Zeneo® Sumatriptan

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ZENEO® Sumatriptan in the thigh
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ZENEO® Sumatriptan: Treatment for migraines and cluster headaches

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Sumatriptan injection is the standard of care for migraines and cluster headaches, which affect more than 92 million people worldwide, although only 45% of them have benefited from a formal diagnosis and 21% suffer from severe forms of these disorders (source: anaes recommendations 2012).

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Cluster headaches are characterized by severe pain felt on one side of the face, usually around the eye. As the name suggests, the headaches usually occur in variably-long episodes, called clusters, which are thereafter followed by variably-long remission periods. There is also a "chronic" form, which affects about 10% of cluster headache patients.

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A classic auto-injector necessitates no less than eight preparatory steps, and its needle must be maintained in the skin for 10 seconds. In contrast, with ZENEO® Sumatriptan, patients have only to open the device and push it down on their thigh to administer the treatment, needle-free, and in less than a tenth of a second. Relief comes in less than 10 minutes.

Mode of administration

ZENEO®  Sumatriptan

When experiencing a migraine, the patient can self-administer ZENEO® Sumatriptan in the thigh.
Another person could also administer the product for the patient, in a ventrogluteal injection.