ZENEO® Adrenaline: a new innovative formulation

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Zeneo® Adrénaline
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Anaphylactic shock is an absolute medical emergency. When anaphylactic shock is suspected, emergency services must be called and emergency first aid administered immediately. The only first-line treatment for anaphylactic shock is injectable adrenaline1.

In the USA:

  • 1.6% to 5.1% of the population has experienced anaphylactic shock,
  • 1% of hospitalizations are caused by it, 
  • 0.1% of patients admitted to emergency services for anaphylactic shock will die because of it2.

Recent guidelines for anaphylactic shock management state that intramuscular injection of adrenaline should be favored over intravenous injection, as the former offers better cardiovascular tolerance than the latter3.

ZENEO® Adrenaline is a pre-filled, needle-free, single-use intramuscular autoinjector. The device is factory-set as a function of the viscosity & dose of the medication and the desired depth of injection. It enables the rapid and safe injection of the entire dose using only one hand.

Compared to the other products currently on the market, the new formulation for ZENEO® has no allergens, offers better preservation, and should show longer stability

Furthermore, a patent application has been filed and favorably noted by the French National Industrial Property Institute. 

These competitive advantages will drive possibilities for new international commercial licensing agreements in the medium term.



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