Jean-Marie Leroux - Testimonial


Platform (ZENEO®) development manager

Jean-Marie Leroux

« Be an actor in a project with worldwide reach »

How did you discover Crossject?

« My training is in mechanical and microtechnical engineering. I had previously worked with a world leader in glassworks and also a company specialized in the conception and manufacture of medical diagnostic materials for close to ten years.
The multiple competencies acquired in my work history corresponded to those sought by Crossject for a position as a development manager for the ZENEO® platform.
That position is at the very heart of the system. It's that of an orchestra conductor, making music of the competencies and work of specialists in pyrotechnics, plastics, elastomers, mechanics, microtechniques and more.
Platform development calls upon global and project management skills. »


What is your image of Crossject?

« Crossject is exactly what I imagined when a submitted my application: a laboratory developing a specific and innovative product, with enormous potential on the worldwide market; a company with sufficient experience and credibility, that has already surmounted a certain number of major obstacles on its path to achieving its technological, pharmaceutical, —and human—goals.
Our teams have reached maturity but remain innovative. Everyone is keenly aware of the fact that today we are at a crossroads. We only have a few more steps to take for our market authorizations and product launches. And we are unified in our progress toward those goals. »


What advantages are gained by making teams multidisciplinary?

« In a multidisciplinary team, each person is a key element contributing to a collective whole. Such a team literally enables real-time R&D.
Crossject's expertise is real and born of this daily, multidisciplinary approach. It's an essential element and it's our job to ensure optimal coordination, consider the project in its entirety, and enable the progress of our team members and the ZENEO® platform. »


What advice would you give to newcomers at Crossject?

« Those wishing to join our team need a reliable and high-performance motor to meet the daily challenges at Crossject. The company is forwarding a strong project that will revolutionize disease management, especially in emergency care. Reactivity, creativity, and an attraction for innovation will be vital qualities for overcoming upcoming challenges: medical, technical, regulatory and more. The company is thus open to all profiles but recruits only the best specialists from a wide range of specialties, well beyond the pharmaceutical and medical sectors. The essential quality is wanting to be an actor in a project with worldwide reach. »