Célia Delphin - Testimonial


Materials flow manager

Celia Delphin

« Always move forward »

How did you discover Crossject?

« Quite simply by responding to a job offer. Crossject was looking for a laboratory technician and the position corresponded to my training. I have a technical degree in applied biology, option biology and biochemistry.
I was hired in 2003 and became the third person on the team.
I went from the lab to chemistry, from maintenance to orders, with a swing by inventory. At that time, Crossject had only ten or so employees.
Procedures were being deployed progressively and versatility was the key word. We all had the feeling of writing the company's history. »


What is your image of Crossject?

« Crossject is a laboratory that cultivates values. We all focus on performance and stand shoulder-to-shoulder to achieve our goals. Our hearts beat to the rhythm of a start-up.
And, I admit taking a certain pride in contributing to the development of a system that will save lives in emergency situations.
That is our true motor for advancing every day, going further in performance, making our products even better.
Crossject's family spirit doesn't stop at the company's front door either: we all enjoy going out for a jog or participating in competitions under the Crossject colors. »


What advantages are gained by making teams multidisciplinary?

« It's easier to find solutions within a multidisciplinary team. Each person contributes as a function of his or her profession, history and way of thinking. The result is a shared pot from which all of us can draw ideas to enrich or advance, be it individually or collectively. It's a veritable advantage.
For example, in 2015, I opted for the supply chain, but this year, I'm going to change course again to become a ~purchaser, responsible for supplier monitoring, logistics and product conformity. »


What advice would you give to newcomers at Crossject?

« Dare, persevere and innovate to save lives simply: the slogan is a perfect match for the spirit of Crossject. Always move forward, take on challenges and challenge yourself for your and our progress.
And don't forget that our years-long and ongoing mission is to bring advantages to patients, that is, rapid, effective and even life-saving treatments.
I would say that to become a part of Crossject, one needs not only perseverance and ambition, but also altruism. Knowing how to listen to, understand and respect our clients, our coworkers and our patients is vital. »