Amélie Duval - Testimonial


Pharmaceutical development project manager

Amélie Duval

« We progress together »

How did you discover Crossject?

«  A head-hunting firm called me because they were interested in my double competency in pharmacy and research. Indeed, I have PhDs in both pharmacy and life sciences.
I previously worked in a smaller structure specialized in biopharmaceuticals, with the objective of obtaining market authorizations.
I was motivated to join Crossject by the vision of the company and the specific qualities of ZENEO®.
I also found inspiring the 'challenge' aspect proudly asserted by the company »


What is your image of Crossject?

« A very positive one. Joining an innovative company has made it possible for me to project, to invest in the long-term.
Just the idea of associating treatments with a needle-free high-performance injector (ZENEO®) is revolutionary.
Instead of focusing on only the molecule, Crossject ensures its adequacy for the safety and comfort of the patient while keeping an eye on market authorization constraints and engineering and marketing necessities.
In that light, the position of pharmaceutical development project manager is truly transversal. »


What advantages are gained by making teams multidisciplinary?

« Undeniably, a multidisciplinary approach enables dialog and understanding. Every day, I interact with teammates whose lives, trainings and professions are far from the world of pharmaceutical research.
Thus, for a given problem or challenge, there is not just one conditioned response, but a plethora of proposals. We progress together, and that is truly enriching for everybody. »


What advice would you give to newcomers at Crossject?

« To have an open mind, curiosity and empathy.
We work hard at Crossject, but in a great team atmosphere. It's important to know that
we are at a key moment for the company, which is targeting a worldwide market.
Coming to Crossject means joining a team with a start-up spirit, true values and grand ambitions. ».