Crossject is revolutionizing needle free injection


Crossject is revolutionizing the administration of well-established treatments with its needle-free auto-injector ZENEO®. The prefilled, single-use device propels the medicine through the skin in less than a tenth of a second. Crossject currently has seven solutions in advanced stages of development, six of which are for emergency situations.  

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24-26 October 2023 in Barcelona, Spain

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24-25 October in Paris, France


Financial news: Crossject announces initiation of coverage by ODDO BHF

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The ODDO BHF analysts rated Crossject as “Outperform” with a price target of €7.10, citing the significant advantages associated with the company’s needle-free ZENEO® device, which enables easily administered injections to be delivered by patients and untrained caregivers in a fraction of a second in emergency situations. Crossject’s contract with the U.S.