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Zeneo® Adrénaline : Treatment for anaphylactic shock

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Anaphylactic shock is an extreme allergic reaction against an antigen to which a person has become hypersensitive. This medical event necessitates immediate emergency room care and an injection of adrenaline, also known as epinephrine.

Left untreated anaphylactic shock can cause rapid unconsciousness and even death. People who are known to be subject to anaphylactic shock must have self-administrable epinephrine with them at all times.

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According to the World Health Organization (WHO), allergy is the fourth leading chronic disease. Anaphylactic shock has a prevalence of one to three cases per 10,000 people and it kills one to three million people per year. WHO estimates that 50% of the world's population will be affected by allergy by 2050.

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According to a recent study (1), 84% of patients use classic epinephrine pens incorrectly: faulty needle positioning, improper use, incomplete injection, etc.
ZENEO® Adrenaline however enables complete, safe and rapid intramuscular injection. It is a true "survival kit" for patients with anaphylaxis.


(1) January 2015, Annales de l’allergie, asthme et immunologie

Mode of administration

ZENEO®  Adrenaline

When experiencing an anaphylactic shock, the patient can self-administer ZENEO® Adrenaline in the thigh.
Another person could also administer the product for the patient, in a ventrogluteal injection.