Needle Free Technology

ZENEO® is the world’s most advanced disposable, pre-filled, needle-free, automatic injection system. It is unique in that it can deliver drugs intradermally, subcutaneously and intramuscularly ZENEO® is the only pre-fillable, truly needle-free injection system that can deliver drugs intradermally, subcutaneously and intramuscularly.

  • ZENEO® has been designed specifically for self-administration

  • ZENEO® can handle small molecules and proteins such as MABS, or vaccines...

  • ZENEO® can handle drug volumes from 0.1ml to 0.6ml

  • ZENEO® has been thoroughly validated via over 10 000 tests on human skin as well as several preclinical and clinical studies (internal or conducted by pharma partners including TNF mabs and vaccines), which looked at dose range, injection sites, viscosities and other important parameters.

  • ZENEO®is safer and easier to use than current needle-based auto injectors and removes most of the risky human factors

    • no needle stick injuries, no phobias, single step administration (place and push), full dose injection in 1/10 second

  • ZENEO® is IP protected untill 2035 by 31 patent families (over 400 patents)

            A further benefit of ZENEO® is that

  • For vaccinations and allergy treatments, its ability to deliver precise standardized intradermal antigen delivery means that the dose of vaccine can be reduced and the  adjuvants that are usually needed to boost the patient’s immune response can be removed

ZENEO® also has many benefits that make it the ideal system for patients to use themselves in a broad range of situations:

  • TRUE NEEDLE FREE: by avoiding needle fear, ZENEO®, with a very simple procedure (just place & push) ensure a better adoption by patients. 
  • SELF INJECTION: ZENEO® is very easy to use, so the patient is autonomous; no need of healthcare background and can self inject during emergency situations, saving emergency room visit costs. 
  • AUTOMATIC INJECTION: with a 1/10 second injection, ZENEO® is avoiding human factor on injection process and provides a safer use in emergency and acute care 
  • PRE-FILLED: ZENEO® ensures that there is no risk of contamination or dosing mistakes induced by human manipulations. 
  • SINGLE USE: no risk of mistakes by double injection since ZENEO® is a disposable device. 
  • SC, IM & ID: ZENEO® is the only technology targeting these 3 administration routes.